New Wellness Resources May 2022 ForgeCollective

New Wellness Resources May 2022

Resource One: Bicycle Health's Guide: 

Differences in Opioid Treatment for Black and Latino/a/x Patients

From Bicycle Health: 

"We published an educational guide covering health equity in opioid dependency treatment, specifically the differences in opioid treatment for Black and Latino patients.

Black musicians could experience mental health problems such as anxiety and mood disorders, depression, ADHD, autism, eating disorders, OCD and PTSD. Most are susceptible to suicidal thoughts and behaviors and decide to take drugs (opioids) as an intervention to stay well.

This free resource answers the following questions:

-Who is most likely to use opioids?
-What are the demographics of America's opioid epidemic?
-What is health equity?
-What are health disparities?
-Why do health disparities exist?

Check Out The Guide

Learn more on opioid abuse from Bicycle

Our Resource Page For Latino/a/x Musicians - Mental Health Help

Our Resource Page For Black Musicians - Mental Health Help


Resource Two Direct From To Write Love On Her Arms

I'm trying to create something similar to this wonderful tool from To Write Love On Her Arms: Find Help TWLOHA

Resource Three: Vet Your Therapist

RATEMYTHERAPIST.COM - Yelp/Rate My Professor for Therapists

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