Resources For Black Musicians ForgeCollective

Resources For Black Musicians

Resources for Black College Students

NAMI for African American:

Boris Henson Foundation - Free Therapy program, resource guide, college mental health scholarship

Liberate Black Meditation App:

MyTruCircle Black Therapists Database

Black Therapists Rock Facebook Group:

"Therapy For Black Girls" black women therapist network

"Therapy For Black Men"

Black Mental Health Alliance
"With a database of Black psychiatrists, a questionnaire to match prospective patients with therapists, and other resources, the Black Mental Health Alliance promotes and organizes educational forums, training, and referral services to support the Black community.
The organization has also provided school-based mental health services, fatherhood initiatives, and after-school programs. BMHA programs and workshops are culturally relevant and address race-based trauma, structural racism, and mental health stigma in the Black community."

Black Mental Wellness Mental Health Disorder Fact Sheets

Psychiatry YouTube Channels:

Black Mental Health Influencers To Follow For Inspo:

Social Justice-Friendly Therapists

Therapy In Color Database

Self-Care Inspo, People And Brands To Follow, Look Up To, And Learn From + Therapists Directory

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