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How To Plan Your Music Marketing For 2022 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Hated 2021. Gonna love 2022. 

Content Marketing gurus all agree that there are many ways to break down the way you plan your content, or clips, social photos, and writeups that you share to provide genuine value to your audience. This applies to planning your music marketing all year. Indie music promotion is so easy once you define goals and set the parameters, from budget to the action you’ll take. 

The most common ways to break it down are to plan the whole year at once for max control, to go month-to-month for flexibility, or to do it by quarter. There are four business quarters in a year, and while we know you’re not a business in the traditional sense, the better you get at your music career, the more you’ll see it is a business. 

We go by quarter at Forge because it’s a nice happy medium. I won’t lie to you: it’s just the easiest for me personally. Go with the process that fits you. Quarters start in January and make up blocks of three months. This mostly relates to taxes and finances for “official” (incorporated) businesses, but more importantly to me, it is a way of planning all kinds of marketing. 

So, you are a business but you’re not a content marketer. Instead, apply the content marketing tenets of segmented planning and providing value and entertainment to planning your indie music promotion for the year. Focus on one promotional plan or goal each quarter.

For this exercise, we picked what we found to be most important in music marketing: Website audits and improvements, a giveback campaign, social media, and running a media strategy to get into digital indie media. 

Check the infographic to see our tips.

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