How To Get a Clubhouse Invite: What is Clubhouse & Why Does it Matter?

What Is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is unparalleled by any other social networking for musicians. While there are so many active niches and interests on Clubhouse, the Clubhouse app space for music interests is an especially wonderful place. That’s because of its exclusivity, which I hope never goes away. You can be in a room with 21 Savage, Lupe Fiasco, or even Elon Musk. But why is it exclusive? What is a room? Is it audio all the way? And how do you get on it? (I am on it, so trust me). Let’s examine the hot-button app. 

Clubhouse is currently valued at $1 billion after the most recent round of funding. They had raised $12 million in funding prior--all while still technically in beta. And they are primed to open up and grow. But Clubhouse has passed 3 million downloads with only an estimated 2 million users, further proof that not everyone who downloads it can get on. We’ll tell you how to get a Clubhouse invite, but not until the end of this post of course. But its exclusivity is what makes it so beautiful. Not everyone on the app is traditionally famous, but Clubhouse is the first exclusive social media and so you can listen to talented people in the tech, marketing, social justice, and of course, music worlds. 

How Clubhouse App Works

Clubhouse is different from traditional social media in more ways than one: it hinges on audio. We have Instagram for pictures, Twitter for words, Facebook for oversharing personal information, TikTok for video, and now a throwback to the 90’s--the days of talking on the phone--in Clubhouse. 

The skinny on how Clubhouse app works: users create “rooms” where they can control what the topic is about by naming the room and the chat. When you sign up you pick around ten interests and you start getting notifications about rooms in your niches. There is a rich world of musicians, promoters, and all kinds of music industry professionals for musician networking. Users can schedule these chats or start them immediately. In the rooms are the main speakers (think of them as moderators, while we’re going old school), the people who’ve “raised their hand”--those who want to speak but didn’t start the room--and the listeners. Conversations could be about sharing beats, how to build your music business team, sound design, and so on (and on, and on). 

Clubhouse is obsessed with audio. Want to DM someone? You’re going to have to talk to them using words, using the audio. You can start a private room, a great way to meet people personally and network. But the “DMs” are audio conversations. In this way Clubhouse does not compromise on the more human, audio interactions. 

Clubhouse app for music works so well because of its exclusivity. It’s the perfect grounds for networking with powerful people. If you’re lucky enough to get on, here are some pointers:

  • Raise your hand! To get in on the conversation can help with networking, and it allows you to show off your own chops as a conversationalist and expert. 
  • Follow people! Follow the accounts who interest you in the rooms you’re in. 
  • Private Rooms: Put yourself out there with the people you really want to network with.
  • Stay A While: You can get more out of a conversation the longer you stay, and you might find your chance to contribute or meet some great people

How To Get a Clubhouse Invite

Now for the best bit: here’s how to get a clubhouse invite! This is exactly how I got in. All it takes is knowing people who are cooler and more accomplished than you, and retaining them in your network. What no one will tell you is that you can go into the app store and download Clubhouse. Then, literally (literally!) just sign up for the “waitlist” within the app. Then all you have to do is wait and hope. People in your network who are on Clubhouse and will get a notification that you would like to be let in. That’s right. Clubhouse users are the ones who decide who gets to be on the app--and that is a beautiful thing. And I promise, the Clubhouse app for music is worth the wait. 

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How To Get a Clubhouse Invite: What is Clubhouse & Why Does it Matter?


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