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Companies That Support LGBTQ Year Round

Many companies pretend to support queer causes. This Pride, what little I'm posting around queer issues is themed "Fuck Disney." We're railing against blatant exploitation and workplace mistreatment. Bisexual men and women are 3 times more likely to face discrimination and pay discrepancies at work, so this bisexual man wanted to highlight some companies that, just by avoiding, you can support LGBT+ people. There are also some alternatives for you to support. 

Why "Fuck Disney"? I cannot say, because they'd be happy to sue me. But Google knows, and Google would love to tell you. Just know they're the worst offender from their theme parks to Hulu. 


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Brands That Support Pride (And Brands That Don't)

Rainbow-Washing, Legitimate Support, And The Gap Between The Two

By Conner Tighe

More than half of consumers want to buy from companies that stand on social issues. And companies do (or at least appear to.)

Every year the Human Rights Campaign initiates the Corporate Equality Index, a rating that documents the increase or decline in LGBTQ+ policies, practices, and benefits corporations offer.

This year is showing promise as over 1,000 companies participated in the survey. Of those businesses, 842 were named “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality.” 

A reoccurring issue is surfacing within the corporate world known as “woke washing,” where companies feel this natural pressure to associate their products or services with current social issues. 

The truth is we’re facing one this month. “Rainbow washing” is happening all Pride Month, giving some corporations the advantage to make a profit off the freedoms many have fought and died for all for human equality. 

“Rainbow washing” occurs when a corporation appears to stand alongside a cause when in reality are, donating or funding discriminatory or anti-groups. 

We won’t touch too much on how 21% of LGBTQ+ were refused a raise at their occupation due to their sexual orientation. 

But we will address everyday organizations you probably shop that engage in “rainbow washing” and those that don’t. 

Companies To Boycott (And Support) for Pride

  • CVS Health (Non-supportive)
  • A universal pharmacy, CVS began publicly proclaiming its Pride support after changing its logo to a rainbow-themed one on Twitter in 2019. 

    CVS donated thousands to politicians Dawn Buckingham and Bryan Hughes of Texas. The two openly supported a bill hoping to ban gender-affirming care, which qualifies as “child abuse.”

  • Johnson & Johnson (Supportive)
  • Johnson & Johnson is clear on their outright support of not only the LGBTQ+ community, but women’s rights and gender equality. Some of their employee benefits include:

    • Global parental leave
    • Breast milk shipping
    • LGBTQIA+ benefits
    • Childcare benefits
  • Comcast (Non-Supportive)
  • By 2020, Comcast was the largest pay-tv provider with 19 million subscribers. The company has donated over $1 million to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians since 2019. 

    One bill in Florida supported by Comcast excludes trans-women from school sports teams.

  • GE Power (Supportive)
  • The company offers GE Power’s Pride Alliance, an employee resource group that welcomes employees from every end of the spectrum. The group raises awareness about inclusive working environments. GE Power offers seven additional inclusive groups.

  • Walmart (Non-Supportive) 
  • Since 2019, the corporation has donated nearly $30,000 to Arkansas lawmakers who helped pass a bill that bars gender-affirming treatments for trans youth. 

  • Apple (Supportive)
  • Over 25,000 of Apple’s employees remain active in the company’s employee resource groups that advocate for workplace cultural inclusiveness. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO for 11 years, was awarded the GLSEN Champion Award in 2019 for his efforts toward LGBTQ+ rights. Every year during Pride Month, Apple releases Apple Watch-related wear. 

    The corporation continues donating to LGBTQ+ communities like GLSEN, PHLAG, The Trevor Project, etc. 

  • AT&T (Non-Supportive)
  • The popular cell provider claims to back LGBTQ+ rights and is especially vocal on the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth; however, the corporation's behind-the-scenes donations tell a different story.

    Since 2021, AT&T has donated over $1 million to anti-LGBTQ+ politicians, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott has made several efforts to block the use of “puberty-blocking drugs” for children. 

    Unfortunately, the donations don’t end there. 

  • Chegg (Supportive)
  • With Chegg’s Pride Employee Resource Group, the company touched on the importance of pronouns and created an educational series on creating an inclusive work culture. 

    Chegg provides educational background for group members on the difference between sex and gender and how to appropriately use pronouns in the workplace. 

  • Wells Fargo (Non-Supportive)
  • Remember when you were told that your digital footprint would follow you forever? It really does! 

    Wells Fargo has donated at least $1,000 to North Carolina state senator Joyce Krawiec. In 2014, the senator posted an anti-trans article written by The Federalist on her Twitter.

  • Coca-Cola (Supportive)
  • Since 2006, Coca-Cola has received a 100% on the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index. The corporation has gone above and beyond for LGBTQ+ protection, including inclusive health insurance coverage for transgender individuals, which began in 2011. 

    Since 2015, it has been assisting with the tax burden imposed on U.S. employees living in states that do not recognize same-sex marriage and have a same-sex spouse or partner enrolled in health benefits.

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