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Your Single Promotion Plan (FREE RESOURCE)

Did you just create something great, and now you’re wondering how to promote a song, album, or tour? Promoting a tour, single release or album release is like anything else: it comes down to planning and execution. Promote your album or single with this brief guide. The guide covers how to promote a song with publicity, influencers, and social media, as well as email. It also covers promoting a single release with the foundational basics including your website. Drop your email to download the guide below, then go forth and promote your album or single! 

You need your social media and website designed and set up for success, this guide will share how, from bios and about pages to getting the most out of the links in your bio and on your website. It will also prepare you to run a press push, from researching outlets to pitching.

And I’ll go over my step by step method for influencer campaigns. 

Social media, influencers, and publicity are key. What do I mean by publicity? In the context of promoting a single or album release, this is the course of action one undertakes to get their name out in the press, from niche blogs to podcasts to all sorts of musical publications and media. You want to reach out and “pitch” these publications your music and story, something I’ll elaborate on in the guide. 

Promoting a single release is easy when you know what you have to do. This guide will shed some light on what exactly that is. 


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