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Jazz Author Debbie Burke On The Arts

For World Book Day 2022, Vince talked to our friend Debbie Burke about how music informs her writing--AKA how the arts are connected and inspire each other. Burke has seen many active World Book Days, as a fiction and non-fiction author. She self-publishes and is proud to say she writes for the love of writing. And whatever she's writing, jazz music, jazz musicians, and jazz culture are a big part of it. While she's written many nonfiction tomes on jazz, Glissando marks her stretching her creative muscles to switch mediums. On World Book Day 2022, get to know Debbie Burke. Her perspective is the one we need in this world! World Book Day to her is a reminder to write, not just read; to create on top of consuming. Creation is how we all get free. 

 Check it out (Plus Mini Clips) on YouTube Here

Vince Martellacci, founder, Forge 

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