Affiliate Marketing Program

The Forge Affiliate Program

Make Money Selling Something In Demand - That You Don't Have To Supply

Affiliates earn money through a cut of each sale they make. You sell someone else's products or services, in this case music publicity (spots on blogs, playlists, podcasts, and with influencers.) All you have to do is either sell straightforwardly, or engage in marketing in order to sell.  

What We'll Do For You

Make this a seamless experience

Provide training docs and resources

Take at least a downpayment from the customer once they start with us and pay you right away. 

Guide you through working with us and succeeding (Text 925 993 7425 for a real person, or email us at

Demand none of your time - work on this as much or as little as you want. 

Supply our chatflows and strategies with you. 

What You'll Earn

We sell services as retainer/ongoing, campaign/one-time, and pay-as-you-go

In retainer, you'll earn 40% the first month with 5% in each additional month that they're with us. Very few affiliate programs allow for ongoing payment such as this. 

In one-time, you'll earn 35% of the fee

In pay-as-you go, the cheapest service by far, you'll earn 50% per feature sold. 

What You'll Need

Check back here for more resources to up your sales game, but for now, our training can be found here:

The quiz, which you'll need to take before you begin, is seven questions and can be found here:

Extra Resources

Our Demographics Sheet: Who We Sell To (Our Target Market)

Chat Flow For LinkedIn Prospecting Start To Finish

Chat Flow #2 & #3

Info Deck For Calls (option 1)

Success Plan For Calls (option 2)

All About Forge

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Put "affiliate" in the message so we know that's what we're talking about. We just need your phone number and email. 


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