AJ Quiero

AJ Quiero credits his home with his love of art: “My upbringing in Louisiana brought music into my soul very young. I wanted to write music after I learned guitar. I fell in love with making/producing whole songs after an internship at a local recording studio as an engineer apprentice.” He’s brought the  technical, business-side mindset into his creative expressions because he has big dreams, sure, but more importantly big goals.  

AJ’s excited for the next phase: “I’m releasing an EP "cryinginvariousplaces". This is the sound I have always dreamt of in creation. It makes me so proud and it feels like I can breathe again. When I listen and practice it, it feels like a new lease on life. I'm also working on building an audio/visual channel on YouTube to promote recent releases. This will take time and will incorporate many different locations.”

Publicist’s Pick - Anything!

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