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Edgar Everyone Is Everywhere

Indie savant Edgar Everyone has already taken the LA music scene to another level with his contributions to Low Hum’s sound, Kunzite (Mike Stroud from Ratatat’s band), and several other successful indie bands. 

With his second single, he celebrates finding his solo, more alt rock/indiepop sound and anticipates significant crowds at his shows on July 2nd and July 27th, with Glacial Palms and Possible Oceans respectively.

Buzzbands LA

Native Parisian Jules de Gasperis has seemingly been everywhere since he adopted Los Angeles as his home base a few years ago, so it’s no surprise he is calling his new solo project Edgar Everyone.

To itemize a few of his exploits, he’s worked as a drummer and/or producer for Low Hum, Slip, James Supercave, Kunzite and Possible Oceans. He’s been a member of Carré, Dielines and Grand Bain. And back in 2018 he had the short-lived solo project Red Soul X.

As Edgar Everyone, he asks, “Imagine if Tame Impala, Prince and Phoenix had a baby?” And in his new foray into psychedelic dance music, “Shasta Lounge,” you can hear a little of those, along with de Gasperis’ sheer exuberance. 

LA Music Review

He sounds like a toned-down Animal Collective with somewhat-psychedelic undertones belying a classic indie sound circa 2010 that takes us back to Discovery and The Temper Trap. He is firmly planted between indie pop and indie rock and infused with electronic flair, leaving him in that gray area that could only be called pure indie. 

Publicist Picks

A gem from the past: Look Up

First official solo single from March 2022: Shasta Lounge

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