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Influencer Campaign Management: $200/campaign + budget to pay the influencers ($200+)

influencer campaign management

You’ve heard about them, the Instagram promoters and YouTube experts who share products and reviews from, sometimes, massive brands. You probably think these Instagram promoters are out of your reach, too big to work with. I’m here to tell you they are accessible. Running an influencer campaign is not like running a TV ad campaign--any brand or even creative can use them for success. And with us, any brand or creative has access to top Instagram influencers. 


While some major (100k+ followers) influencers are pricey, micro bloggers, or micro influencers, are available to everyone. You just have to know where to look. And micro bloggers can be as effective as major ones, as they often have an even more loyal following. So, first we decide on major influencers vs micro bloggers, then Forge finds your top Instagram influencers, though we can venture onto other social media platforms. 

instagram promoters

Next we plan the campaign, sign the agreements with influencers, optimize everything tangential related to the campaign like the website and landing pages, and fill in the blanks. Top Instagram influencers will be touting your music, products, etc, in no time. In planning the campaign, we coordinate content and caption with your Instagram promoters.

Results you can expect from the campaign include increased streams/sales, increased web traffic, and an increase in legitimate Instagram followers. You get three influencers per campaign, meaning three Instagram promoters, promoting you. This leads to a huge boost for your career. 


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