San Jose CA-Based, Coastal CA-bred Laurentis is a huge deal to 4AM. Once covid sent musicians online for their entire economy, Laurentis wasn’t sure how to pivot: “I’m traditionally not a very social media savvy guy and enjoy performing in person so it seemed like I couldn’t quite get any of my releases to work the way I wanted them to. Though I enjoyed making my music still, I lacked direction. I had been featured on some relatively successful songs but I felt like that success had been fleeting.” Those credits include songs he produced and mixed for Ferrini 41, HI-DEF, and Maijah.

He does not want success to flit anymore. To Laurentis, music is pure art. It is something to be constantly achieved, and then re-achieved at a higher level. It’s about theory and thoughtfulness, experimentation and innovation–and most of all, drive. Laurentis continues, “At one point I just wanted to prove how prolific I could be and how much music I could create, how experimental I could go.”

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