Molly Mahoney

Alameda (Oakland), CA-based Molly Mahoney has made a difference to FORGE. A client with her pure, unhampered talent is a huge accomplishment. We are just so proud to work with the vocalist, who is both musically and intellectually brilliant. A mezzo-soprano with a talent for the classical, Molly uses her operatic voice to bring jazz classics to life. Her sophomore album is a natural follow up to her first, but it stands on its own, and it stands tall.. It’s a collaboration in which her vocals meet an arrangement worthy of them. “My Cousin Cole: Pitter, patter… Porter!” is out on June ninth for purchase on Bandcamp

You can stream two singles on Spotify now. All Of You and In The Still Of The Night are absolute standouts and show her range immediately. 

The album will have a tight focus on essential love songs of Cole Porter, who is an actual cousin of Mahoney. Molly is who she is because of her family, immediate and extended alike. While of course, she’s never met the deceased Porter, Molly is moved to know he’s part of her family’s tapestry, and the passion with which she approaches every single track reflects that. 

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