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Playlisting Campaign: $250 + small flexible budget

We can get you on Spotify playlists and can work with Soundcloud or Apple Music, even YouTube. We do suggest going the Spotify route for max success. Our methods are 100% organic, standard, and simultaneously clever and creative. We can't promise to get you on the biggest playlists, but we can promise we have access to and will pitch them. 

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There is potential for you to get on some highly-followed Spotify playlists. Turnaround time can be pretty fast--within a week of hiring us you will likely already be on a couple of playlists. 

Spotify playlisting with us is essentially a pitching service. We spend our days sending well-crafted, personalized, and varied emails to maximize the amount of playlisters who give you a listen and (of course) will love your beautiful music. 

We have access to curators in every genre. With Spotify playlisting, results can be pretty spectacular. From increased streams to increased exposure and on to increased monthly listeners, you'll see progress with this service. We'll guarantee you spots on three playlists, and sometimes we overdeliver. 


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