4AM Sunday Morning Mental Health For Musicians

The Darkest Part Is Over. Time For The Dawn. 

Sunday Morning Mental Health

Sunday Morning is 4AM’s social cause. 71% of musicians suffer from mental illness and as many as 50% are suicidal. Mental illness is only compounded by issues of identity, ie being queer or female. Sunday Morning is our intersectional attempt at leveling the playing field for QTPOC, BIPOC, women, and so on, especially those in the music industry. 

Project One: Help Yourself With Our Resource Hub

(1.) We host and maintain a massive resource hub, broken down by race, gender, sexuality and non-cis genders, and age. We try to add new resources monthly and in 2022-2023, we will be providing our own science/CBT-backed wellness resources. Look out for trauma resources, audio courses, meditations, and highly specific journal prompts. 

Project Two: Find & Afford a Therapist

(2.) Need help getting into affordable therapy? 4AM Sunday Morning’s job is to find people fitting therapists. We will look for someone in the specialty you need, who offers a sliding scale (reduced fee), and who fits the race, gender, and identity you are most comfortable with. It took the founder two years to find a therapist and he learned a lot. Now we can get you into therapy in 1-2 months. 4AM doesn’t want anyone to go through that stress alone. Aside from advocating for you, we can certainly offer some emotional support along the way. 

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