The Artist Muneer

The Artist Muneer already boasts well over 100,000 streams across multiple platforms, over just a few releases. He is quick to tell you that when inspiration strikes he just has to create. The only thing that could disrupt the process would be one of his children needing him. The Artist Muneer does not swear in his music, keeping it clean and positive because he wants to make music he’s proud of and proud to have his kids listen to. The positive undertones to his music act as a sort of call to action for parents and their children, friends, partners, and so on to come together over music. 

The Artist Muneer’s life was not meant to be easy. But he found a way with the proper motivation–not just his daughter, but his own intrinsic drive to increase the overall quality of his life was born with him, something he’ll never lose. He was born with a roadmap to the light, which is cohesive in his brain, mind, and soul. His drive to improve quality of life for himself extends to his community, and more than anything, his children. And he has improved those lives around him. 

Born with no father around and an untreated Bipolar mother, Muneer took the lessons from what he didn’t have growing up and made sure to give his kids what he had missed out on: “I just would always remember all the things in life that I don't have from my parents and try my best to provide all those things to my children.” Speaking of his four children (two young boys and two teen girls), Muneer is proud to share, “They are a big reason that I started doing positive music. I saw how much music was affecting their behavior so to combat those influences I am showing them that there are multiple roads to success. I want them to understand that they have a choice and that they don't have to do what everyone else is doing to be successful.” Muneer wants no doors to be closed for his children–so he’s keeping them all wedged open, something he acknowledges that no one did for him. 

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