Who The F**k Is 4AM?

4 AM is a music publicity and PR agency based in the east bay area that specializes in collaborative relationships with independent musicians who want to take their career up a level, no matter what level they’re at or where they want to go. 

In simplest terms, 4AM’s job is to get indie music reviews, interviews, features, and plays in the media: blogs & magazines, playlists, podcasts, radio, and TikTok and Instagram creative influencer accounts.

4 AM knows how to communicate with music publications in digital, national, and local media. We handle the media relationship and create a tangible digital presence for musicians.

You benefit from one thing from us first and foremost: 4AM is constantly building new and valuable relationships in indie media. More than anything, we spend a calculatedly intensive amount of time on meeting and networking with indie media journalists.  

We take new approaches to charming the music media, while doubling down on what always works: getting to know you, deciding which parts of what we uncover will resonate with indie media, and telling the story in a way that makes it valuable, easy, and a no-brainer for music media journalists to write up or tell. 


It’s all marketing: the more times and the higher you show up on Google or Spotify, the better you’ll do in music. 

4AM hinges on what are called touch points – each time someone is exposed to your music is one touch point, one of several stepping stones to recognition. 

The closer you get to seven touch points, the more traction and actual fame you’ll build. 

We create those touch points by repeating your media exposure and regulating and controlling your digital media presence as a musician.

And we do it in an innately collaborative way: we pinpoint and focus on your goals, the media types and channels you want to land in, and  tailor every campaign and partnership to getting you the exposure you want and the recognition you deserve.