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Using Press, Playlists & The Media To Grow Indie Music Careers

Get in Blogs & Magazines

Getting blog and magazine features can lead to bookings, radio play, and streams. It’s the perfect way to show the industry that you’re a serious artist. Get reviewed and interviewed so you can start exposing people to the music. The more they come into contact with your music, it’s more likely they’ll become a real fan.

Get Your Music In Playlists

Playlisting is the best way to grow your streams and monthly listeners. 4AM does completely organic, non-paid playlists. You can rest assured that the playlists you land on have real listeners. Playlisting is the number one way to get people to start hearing your music repeatedly, which can lead to real streams and real fans.

Crafting Your Story And Telling It

When you work with 4AM, we interview you to tell your story. We use this to write a press release for bloggers to learn more about you, a bio you can use on Spotify and all over the internet, and we can even build you small but powerful websites where you can grow your fanbase, share your music, and post your bio.

Crafting Your PR “Stunts”

We’ll come up with ways to make your story stand out. Each full-scale PR campaign comes with a marketing component, where we plan and execute a unique campaign. For one client, we did the “Spend Your Summer Alone With A Stranger” campaign. The song was called Summer Alone and the artist was Benjamin Stranger. We hid his identity and had people scan a QR code to hear his music and find out who he was. The QR code came on stickers that we had placed around 5 major metropolitan areas and was bolstered by a social media ad campaign where clicking the link in the ad revealed the identity and the music.

Influencers & Radio

We can also get your music featured by influencers on Instagram or TikTok and played in the background of their video. And we work on getting you radio play with college, local, and internet radio. Both influencers and radio help people to start being exposed to your music repeatedly, which is the first step to becoming a true fan.