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indie music publicity

4 AM is a music publicity and PR agency based in the east bay area that specializes in collaborative relationships with independent musicians who want to take their career up a level, no matter what level they’re at or where they want to go. 

In simplest terms, 4AM’s job is to get indie music reviews, interviews, features, and plays in the media: blogs & magazines, playlists, podcasts, radio, and TikTok and Instagram creative influencer accounts.

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Media relationship

4 AM knows how to communicate with music publications in digital, national, and local media. We handle the media relationship and create a tangible digital presence for musicians. 

You benefit from one thing from us first and foremost: 4AM is constantly building new and valuable relationships in indie media. More than anything, we spend a calculatedly grandiose amount of time on meeting and networking with indie media journalists. 

We use a combination of the classic and the cutting-edge to charm the music media. We stick with what works: getting to know you, deciding which parts of what we uncover will resonate with indie media, and telling the story in a way that makes it valuable, easy, and a no-brainer for music media journalists to write up or tell. 

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singer-songwriter publicist

It’s all marketing: the more times and the higher you show up on Google or Spotify, the better you’ll do in music. 

4AM hinges on what are called touch points – each time someone is exposed to your music is one touch point, one of several stepping stones to recognition. 

The closer you get to seven touch points, the more traction and actual fame you’ll build. 

And we create those touch points by repeating your media exposure and regulating and controlling your digital media presence as a musician. 

And we do it in an innately collaborative way: we pinpoint and focus on your goals, the media types and channels you want to land in, and  tailor every campaign and partnership to getting you the exposure you want and the recognition you deserve. 

4AM's Journal

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Our Work In Action

Tragically Magic

Tragically Magic has been involved with music for a while, but only in recent years began releasing music. When 4AM came on board, the single they were promoting, From The Ashes, gained the same number of streams in just a month as his other songs had garnered in over a year. Starting off with a blog placement campaign, 4AM got Magic on 5 blogs, one billed as an exclusive premiere (rarely done these days, in a newly-saturated market for blog posts). 

We also built up excitement by sharing previous releases while announcing the new one in a couple other blurbs. At the end of the blog campaign, Magic had 30,000 streams on the track on Spotify. Forge followed up with a Spotify playlisting campaign, and streams climbed up to over 42,000, and they continued to climb. At the end of the second campaign he had 12,000 monthly listeners, which also continued to grow.


After working with Forge for less than a month, CrushedVelvet, of Boston fame, returned to live music for the first time since the pandemic hit. She attributes her success getting booked for shows to traction netted from 4AM. She continued to play live the entire time she worked with 4AM as well as keeping up and expanding her robust live stream empire through SessionsLive, even incorporating  other platforms such as Bandcamp Live. 

With CrushedVelvet, 4AM focused on a multi-channel push, incorporating playlists, podcasts, and blogs with occasional radio. We got CrushedVelvet over twenty impactful, small - mid-sized placements over the  course of four months and the constant searchability online directly contributed to how much she performed.

Benedict Sinister

Benedict Sinister is most prominent in Europe and lives all around the globe, currently residing in Saudi Arabia. 4AM’s indie music streaming-platform playlist and blog placement campaigns promoted three singles over the course of a few months, which in total would end up responsible for over 100,000 streams. 4AM started with an influencer campaign, finding one perfect influencer who alone netted him 10,000 streams. We did it all for Benedict Sinister, moving from there to blogs and playlists and on to radio. 

Each indie music PR campaign won different amounts of streams ranging from 10,000-40,000. We worked with him to perfectly target just the right publications, and this was evident in a YouTube playlisting campaign that hit 20,000 streams right off the bat and kept growing to over 50,000. Forge has placed Benedict over 20 times. This client has achieved streams on three platforms with Forge: Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud respectively.

Dream On

After working with 4AM, Andy, the frontman for Dream On, credits 4AM with the band being booked through the end of the year. He attributes his radio plays to us, as well as the fact that "bands are even copying our style." It took just a few impactful music blog placements, some local to the UK, others internationally throughout Europe and North  America. We bolstered touch points with playlists on major streaming platforms, specifically Spotify and YouTube.


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Campaign Pricing

  • Founder: Vince Martellacci

    Pronouns: he/him/his - Bisexual

    Favorite artist currently: Steve Benjamins


    Favorite artist on our roster: All of them, of course


    Credits: Dropped out of multiple universities. Serial entrepreneur, in other words really good at falling on my face. Also working on first short film and songwriting credit.

  • Anna Kuelling - Lead Publicist

    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    School: Went to Tulane for undergrad and recently finished UCLA’s certificate program in music supervision.

    Favorite current artist: This one is so tough because I always listen to the same five in rotation – right now if I had to choose it would probably be Melody’s Echo Chamber

    Favorite artist on our roster: has to be Edgar Everyone. I was already familiar with many of the bands he’s worked with (mainly Low Hum and KUNZITE) but was so excited to learn he is launching his own solo project. His new song is amazing!!

    Credits: Right now I’m really interested in casting a wide net and learning everything I can. While my long-term goals lie in music supervision, I’m happy to experience different facets of both the music and film/entertainment worlds and go wherever the wind blows!

  • Veronica Duquez - Publicity Assistant

    Pronouns: she/her/hers .- Pansexual


    Favorite artist currently: COBRAH


    Favorite artist on our roster: IDN 


    Credits: Dialogue Editor; Sound Designer; Music Producer; Singer-songwriter; Studying for a BSc in Audio & Music Technology; Hoping to be a successful Dialogue Editor/Sound Designer for games or animated films, and open a production studio in the future

  • Jayleene Romo - Marketing

    Pronouns: she/her/hers 

    Alma Mater: I recently graduated Menlo College ‘22 with my BA in Business Management with a focus on Marketing. 

    Favorite Artist: My current favorite artist would be a tie between Brent Faiyaz and Mac Miller. I enjoy alternative rock music too. 

    Credits: Graduated with an emphasis in marketing and became an intern locally with the SF Giants. I enjoy the business side of music companies and learning about marketing and how to promote.