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Success Stories

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• Potential for increase in streams by tens of thousands

• Potential for new fans and “monthly listeners”

• Repeated local radio play all throughout the country after working with 4AM

• Our bio’s and press releases can be used again and again. Several clients have used them as templates and have sent them out to bloggers and playlisters on their own to increase media features

• Clients who perform live have gained 5-10 additional bookings each month


William Bernhard, Head Full Of Stars:

“4AM was immensely helpful in promoting my music. They created materials for me to use when submitting to playlists and radio stations that have been invaluable. Plus, they helped get me streams, vital for an unknown artist like myself. They are honest, authentic, and invested — you couldn't ask for more.”

Keveen Baudouin, SIDE DOOR:

“Great communication, easy going. Very pro attitude. Accurate with what they offer, definitely recommend it.”


“4AM Indie Publicity always goes above and beyond with all of their services. They are very thorough and definitely get amazing results! I love working with them!”

Chris Ahlman:

“Vince is a quality guy. A real professional. It has been a pleasure working with him in terms of promoting my music and getting my name out there”